We all loose things from time to time! Can you help these petz find their lost valuebles?! When you find each petz missing item, but sure to click on it so you can return it to them! Thank you, and GOOD LUCK! Keep checking back from time to time, as things go missing all the time!

Buttons' Missing Button!

I need your help desperately! This is my floofy, happy-go-lucky Great Dane, Buttons! ( he was hexed by Mandi@Cargo ):

"It's like a little peice of me is missing?! Actually, it IS! Oh woe is MEE!"
Only, as you can see, he's not very happy AT ALL right now! He found out that he's missing a button?! Yes, that's right, a button! He has 2 of them on his chest. A little orange one has gone missing! Can you find Buttons orange button?

The button looks like this:

I'm sure if we search around Flummery, we'll be sure to find it! Buttons has no idea where his button fell off at? So you're in for a real challenge trying to find it!

Find Buttons button, and I'm sure he'll be quite pleased! He may even give you a reward for your efforts?! GOOD LUCK! Buttons is counting on you!!