Q. What do you use to make Flummery's Layouts?
A. I use a combo of two programs. 90% of the layout is done with a free program called Photofiltre. I also use Photoshop to tweak things like color and lighting.. etc.

Q. Can you teach me CSS/HTML?
A.Up until very recently, Flummery was all coded in a WYSIWYG Editor, Blue Voda. I JUST learned HTML.. and I usually end up looking up a lot of things.. so, as much as I would love to, sorry! Try googling WW3 Schools, and following the CSS/HTML lessons!

Q. Can you teach me how to hex [ Insert Petz, Breedz, Clothes, Toyz ]
A. I can help you if you need it, but there's a lot of tutorials out there to learn! The best advice I can give is get your program of choice, and just learn by trial and error! That's what I did! If you have a question though, I can try and help best I can!

Q. How do you make Textures?
A. I use a photo editor, and the Petz color pallet, and draw them out! The they are saved as an Index Color ( 16 bit bmp ) in 64 x 64 or 32 x32 or 126 x 126 and loaded in Petz!

Q. Can you send me a copy of [ Insert Petz Name Here ]
A. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! It's against PC ethics, and I personally have issues with it. I can breed parents again, but I will NOT give you a copy of ANY pet I have/had!

Q. Can you breed me [ whatever you want me to ]
A. If I have the time, SURE! I'd love to! Just email me, and ask nicely.. Because people who go about it rudely won't get a reply, let alone petz!

Q. Can you send me the Blue Heeler OW?
A. Let me direct you to Flummery's "Breedz" page where you can download the Unibreed!

Q. Can we be sister sites?
A. I'm flattered, really, but I have a lot of them.. So I'll have to decline! But I'd be more than happy to link you! Just email me your link and I'll be sure to put it up.

Q. Who hosts Flummery?
A. Flummery is hosted at heart.nu, which is owned by Tash@Racecar! You can find a link to heart.nu at the bottom of every page!

Q. Will you make me [ Insert Graphic Name Here ]
A. It depends really.. depends on the time I have and the difficulty! BUT! I'll attempt it! Just email me with your request and I'll be sure to reply! I will make the following: PA Banners; Blinkies; Avatars; Siggys; PetzA Profile Icons; AIM icons

Q. I applied for [ Petz Name ] but I never got him/her!
A. If you applied for a pet, and you didnt get ANY kind of reply.. Then you must have submitted your form wrong. I don't get forms that aren't filled out correctly! Sometimes, if a pet has ALOT of people apply for it, I dont email everyone, and just make a note on my next update!

Q. Can You Send Me [ Insert Breedfile Here ]?
A. I host Flummery's downloads on a freeserver, so It may be a case that my hourly bandwidth has been exceeded. Try downloading at a later time. OR you may have popups blocked! try unblocking popups temporarily, then retry.