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Cathsis x Stemple

Just a small mutt litter, I love Scrun & Ottos' sheepie-bob tail. All mutt torsos and ears, except for Marks with his dane ears. Ardy has natural selfie lids.

Ardy - Marks - Avia - Otto - Scrun*

Glaring x hallin

I adore this litter so much! I love the dane ears and the doxie coats! The lids here are as always, natural!

Empe - Iva - Issues - Flyed* - Schno - Rumtz - Pye

Lamb x Parcella

Really wanted to do a poodle ear sheepie litter! I think they're so girlie looking on big silly sheepies. xD Hotdog, BBQ, and Roni have bobs, and the rest have full tails. Toaster has a butt patch.

Hotdog - Toaster - Spoon - BBQ* - Beans - Roni

Nineten x Mackery

*Bred with Manda's GSD OWBF* These were bred with an OW, so these markings will not pass on without it. London has a cute alternating blk/wht tail! Sioux has a cute poodle tail! Nickle & Midnight have sheepie tails.

Creed* - Nickle - Midnight - Evanes - London - Sioux

Paruzi x Shef

*PB/NIB GD* I love me some old school, purebreds! 13th Gen, 164 ancestors, 68% Flummery lines. Pachino should be PKC registerable! (don't hold me to that, its been awhile!) Spiritli's eye are a 1st time mutation!

Barome - Pachino - Spaldash - Fantobryl - Riggsly - Spiritli*

Tisker x Deare

I wanted to breed some nice bullie-ear tams for you guys! <3 I love all the orange! *0* Coffy is slightly smaller than normal I think? Carrot TROTS and has natural selfie lids!

Citruss - Reesye - Persim - Punkhin - Coffy - Carrot*

Beeze x Cheers

Can you tell I've been away for a bit? I'm not ~thrilled~ with this litters, but they're nice! I think I'm just too critical <3 Everyone has full sheepie tails Aften has scottie ears, Umble has bullie ears, and Amble & Shiva has mutt ears.

Umble - Lyssa* - Dous - Amble - Shiva - Aften