Site Name: Flummery
Established: Feb. 6, 2007
Previous Names: Dark Petz Unlimited, Posthuman, and Morbid Romantic

Site Factoids

the word "Flummery" is a nonu and an adjective! It was chosen for it's adjective meaning: Something that doesn't make sense at all! Flummery, in its noun form is also a pudding-like dessert make from milk, bread, and sugar.

Flummery was named so because it's old name, Morbid Romantic, is a copyrighted name for someone's personal blog. I was asked by a lawyer to re-name my site so there wouldn't be any legal ramifications.

Flummery, at any given time consists of 25-35 pages.

Most of Flummery's visitors come here on Sunday, between 3 and 5PM EST.

Flummery gets on average, 25 first-time hits a day!

Flummery started out as a Petz 5 Only site.

Flummery's first ever litter was a purebred litter of Golden Retrivers, from my since long gone Dame, Omi; A white Golden, with pink eyes.

Flummery has had over 100 layouts since it's opening in Feb. 2007! The average lenght a layout is up: 2 weeks!

Flummery is the official home of the Froopie! A super-mini meezer mix!

Flummery once had an off-shoot site called: that specialized in Great Dane mixies.